12 thoughts on “Throwback (Dennis, Trixie, & Saya) Thursday: Together Again, For The Last Time

  1. Talk about a touching poignant photo James! I am crying here. I miss Trixie & Dennis so much. And Saya. Do you ever go see her or get reports about her?
    Such wonderful 4 leggeds! We are so blessed they have shared their lives with us.
    {{{hugs}}} Sherri-Ellen & **purrsss** BellaDharma


    1. Charlee: “She lives too far away to visit, but we get reports on her from time to time.”
      Chaplin: “We know she is doing well and at last report she might be entering the show ring!”
      Lulu: “Do you think I could be in the show ring?”
      Charlee: “Mmm I don’t know. You need to stand there and let people handle you without rolling over and asking for a belly rub.”
      Lulu: “Oooh. Okay I’m disqualified already then.”

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  2. Saya in the show ring?!?! That would be wonderful…if she is calm enough! ROFWL!
    And Lulu not every dog is meant for the show ring…with that being said you are #1 in our hearts!!!
    And I give you a belly rub anytime! 🙂


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