Dada Update

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Charlee: “Hello everyone! It’s us, the Oceanside Animals!”
Chaplin: “We are here with an update on how Dada is doing.”
Lulu: “For those who don’t know, what happened to Dada is that he suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm last month and as a result was in the hospital for a while.”
Charlee: “It was awful. All that time with no lap time in the office. I don’t know how either one of us coped.”
Chaplin: “You coped by meowing outside his office door, and I heard that Dada coped by hanging on to a new fuzzy stuffie that Mama got him that he named Substitute Charlee.”
Charlee: “What?”
Chaplin: “Yep, I heard Substitute Charlee stayed in the hospital bed with him all the time and even went with him for CT scans and stuff.”
Charlee: “WHAT?!?!?!?”

IMG_1639Substitute Charlee

Lulu: “ANYWAY … since he was released from the hospital, Dada has been recovering well at home and gradually resuming his normal activities, such as drinking coffee and giving belly rubs.”
Chaplin: “And feeding us cats.”
Charlee: “And petting me on his lap in the office. Substitute Charlee indeed. Pfft.”

Lulu: “We probably won’t be back this year but we expect to return in January of 2020 to visit all our friends and find out what’s been going on with everyone.”
Chaplin: “So we’ll see you in the new year!”
Charlee: “Here’s purring that it’s less eventful than this one was!”

29 thoughts on “Dada Update

  1. Thanks for giving us an update, scary stuff indeed but I’m so glad your Dada is home and healing. We’ll be sending purrs and prayers for complete and happy healing soon. Hugs from all of us.


  2. James, we are so glad to hear you are getting stronger. What a scary incident!! You have such good nurses and doctors there at home to watch over you. Bless you and your family. We’re looking forward to your return in the new year!


  3. So glad you are getting stronger and getting back to that Honey Do List. May God continue to bless you in a full recovery. Looks like the fur doctors are doing amazing work!


  4. WHOA! What an amazingly scary time. Boomer, Mindy and I are so very grateful your Dada is doing much better; we send purrs, hugs, and rubs. Mom sends prayers and lots of healing wishes. We, all, look forward to seeing you in 2020! Linda, Mindy and Boomer


  5. Substitute Charlee is adorable BUT not as adorable as the original Charlee!!!! Have a wonderful holiday season. Shelby and I love you all! ❤


  6. I’m so sorry Dada had to go through all of this. He’s a tough cookie. And he’s got purrrfect company to look after him at home.
    Dear Dada – I hope you continue to rest & recuperate. Stepping away from the blog for now sounds like a good idea. I can’t believe you do anything at all on here at the moment with what you’ve been through! Sending love & the very best of wishes for a smooth recovery as you gain back your strength  ♥
    Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas to you all 🌹
    Caz xx


  7. Oh dear, that sounds very scary. We are glad Dada is home and doing well with his recovery. You tell him and Mom not to worry about being here, just get well again.

    Hugs and Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber


  8. Substitute Charlee indeed! (Although we see the resemblance.) No one better ever try to give our pawrents a substitute Lucy or Xena. (Unless of course they are in a place where we are forbidden to go and it would help them, even if not as much.) We all hope and put paws together that your DaDa keeps getting better and stronger and that he never needs a substitute Charlee again. XOX Xena and Lucy


  9. Substitute Charlie has nothin’ on you Charlie!!! I means, come on! You are SO much better than that!!!! Plus, I bets he doesn’t purr.
    How very scary for your DaDa! OMD, I am so glads he is getting betters, butts to make sure, I am sendin’ lots and lots of POTP and healin ‘vibes and AireZens his way!! Gets all betters soon!!!!!
    Ruby ♥


  10. Deer Mistur Jamess:

    Wee hope yore on THE mend…
    From our house to yoress;:
    All our purrayerss wee send!

    Wee hope THE Ann-ur-ism goes away
    and fore you to heal well…
    an that is nevurr comess back to *play*!

    (as inn ‘play havoc’)

    Pleese rest lotss an get strong again!
    Wee wish you thee best.
    From our place to yore den!

    An Subby Charlie yore sorta weerd…
    bring back REEL Charlee; REEL Chaplin, Reel Lulu
    not sum hobbygoblin Reindeer!

    ***purrsss*** an POTP BellaDharma an {{{huggiesss}}} LadyMew too!


  11. Oh, what a scary time for all of you. We are purraying for a happy and healthy holidays for all of you. Stay positive! Luvz, Patzy and Juliea


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