No Deposit No Return


Producer Smurf: “All right, I am smurfing this tour to an early stop and we are smurfing back home before it goes any more smurfways than it already did.”
Lulu: “Well, if you really want to cancel the tour that’s fine. But I’ll need a refund on my fare.”
Producer Smurf: “No refunds!”
Ragnar: “På tide å finne en annen motetilstand.”*

* “Time to find another fashion emergency to resolve.”


Lulu: “No refunds, eh? We’ll see about that.”
Spicoli: “Hey, dude, I have a question.”
Producer Smurf: “What?”
Spicoli: “Where did you get the new pants from?”
Producer Smurf: “I smurfed them out of snow.”
Chaplin: “Isn’t that kind of cold and uncomfortable?”
Producer Smurf: “You have no smurfing idea.”



Producer Smurf: “Beat it! No more stowaways! I’m not smurfing a free shuttle service here!”
Lulu: “Hmm, stubby little arms. Not a lot of belly rub potential, unless you’re into getting belly rubs from chunky shoes.”
Spicoli: “And who might you be, little fuzzy bearded dude?”
Troll Wizard: “I’m a troll wizard.”
Producer Smurf: “You are not! Trolls don’t have wizards! If you’re a troll wizard, then I’m a talking rutabaga!”



Rutabaga: “Oh, come on!”
Chaplin: “At least you’re not wearing pants made out of snow anymore, right?”
Spicoli: “If you’re a troll wizard, then I have a lifetime supply of Doritos waiting for me back at the house.”
Troll Wizard: “What are Doritos?”
Lulu: “Ah, suddenly it all makes sense.”

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