Hairy Potter


Chaplin: “So what is a rutabaga, exactly? And why did you ask to be turned into one?”
Rutabaga: “A rutabaga is a root vegetable similar to a turnip. And I didn’t smurf to be smurfed into one!”
Spicoli: “Okay what about Cheetos? Do you know what Cheetos are?”
Troll Wizard: “They’re large predatory cats that run really fast. Would you like a lifetime supply of them?”
Spicoli: “Those are cheetAHs and that’s a hard pass, dude.”
Lulu: “So you’ve been hanging around nearby ever since we landed, I’m guessing?”
Troll Wizard: “Yes, that is correct.”


Chaplin: “It sounded like you did. Hey this tour is getting boring. Would you mind if I batted you around for a while?”
Rutabaga: “Yes I would smurfing mind!”
Spicoli: “Okay, how about Bugles? Or Fritos? Tostitos? Cracker Jacks? Pringles?”
Troll Wizard: “I know what bugles are.”
Lulu: “And whenever somebody says something that you think would be funny if it happened, you make it happen?”
Troll Wizard: “Also correct.”


Spicoli: “Okay, if you’re a troll wizard, then I have a lifetime supply of Bugles—”
Lulu: “Spicoli! Abort!”
Troll Wizard: “Well you’re no fun.”
Chaplin: “Fine, I won’t bat you around. But it’s too bad you’re not a pineapple. If you were a pineapple I could at least chew your top leaves off.”



Chaplin: “Yay, pineapple! Dibs on the green part.”
Pineapple: “I hate every smurfing one of you.”
Spicoli: “Dude, how is it that you know what rutabagas and pineapples are, but you can’t cough up a bag of Doritos for me?”
Troll Wizard: “Do I look like a troll who would be familiar with all those kinds of junk food?”
Spicoli: “Well, yeah, you kind of do, dude.”

7 thoughts on “Hairy Potter

  1. You knows, Ma cooks the rutabagas at Thanksgiving and Christmas! she says they are tasty, butts I’ve never had them. Pawsonally, I prefer to stick to the pringles…hehehehe
    Ruby ♥


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