Hairy Potter


Chaplin: “So what is a rutabaga, exactly? And why did you ask to be turned into one?”
Rutabaga: “A rutabaga is a root vegetable similar to a turnip. And I didn’t smurf to be smurfed into one!”
Spicoli: “Okay what about Cheetos? Do you know what Cheetos are?”
Troll Wizard: “They’re large predatory cats that run really fast. Would you like a lifetime supply of them?”
Spicoli: “Those are cheetAHs and that’s a hard pass, dude.”
Lulu: “So you’ve been hanging around nearby ever since we landed, I’m guessing?”
Troll Wizard: “Yes, that is correct.”


Chaplin: “It sounded like you did. Hey this tour is getting boring. Would you mind if I batted you around for a while?”
Rutabaga: “Yes I would smurfing mind!”
Spicoli: “Okay, how about Bugles? Or Fritos? Tostitos? Cracker Jacks? Pringles?”
Troll Wizard: “I know what bugles are.”
Lulu: “And whenever somebody says something that you think would be funny if it happened, you make it happen?”
Troll Wizard: “Also correct.”


Spicoli: “Okay, if you’re a troll wizard, then I have a lifetime supply of Bugles—”
Lulu: “Spicoli! Abort!”
Troll Wizard: “Well you’re no fun.”
Chaplin: “Fine, I won’t bat you around. But it’s too bad you’re not a pineapple. If you were a pineapple I could at least chew your top leaves off.”



Chaplin: “Yay, pineapple! Dibs on the green part.”
Pineapple: “I hate every smurfing one of you.”
Spicoli: “Dude, how is it that you know what rutabagas and pineapples are, but you can’t cough up a bag of Doritos for me?”
Troll Wizard: “Do I look like a troll who would be familiar with all those kinds of junk food?”
Spicoli: “Well, yeah, you kind of do, dude.”

7 Comments on “Hairy Potter

  1. Ha! Yep, Rude Baker works…so does this

    All Of Us at NAK’s Khottage


  2. You knows, Ma cooks the rutabagas at Thanksgiving and Christmas! she says they are tasty, butts I’ve never had them. Pawsonally, I prefer to stick to the pringles…hehehehe
    Ruby ♥


  3. laughing, they are hilarious. I wonder how long he will be a pineapple and if they eat the leaves, will he be bald when he turns back?


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