Cross-Post: The Event, Part 1

Lulu: “Our Dada is starting a series of posts over on his author blog about what happened to him back in November.”
Charlee: “This will explain why our blogs went on hiatus for a couple of months and, more importantly, why I went a couple of weeks without getting my lap time in his office.”
Lulu: “This is how it starts:”

So November 7th, 2019, was the day I could have died three different ways before breakfast.

Chaplin: “It’s not the usual stuff, but we thought it might be helpful to anyone who experiences the same sort of symptoms Dada did.”

via The Event, Part 1

9 thoughts on “Cross-Post: The Event, Part 1

    1. Lulu: “He says he hopes maybe it will help somebody someday.”
      Charlee: “And we have a bigger audience than he does, so he decided to ask us to share it.”
      Chaplin: “We’re number one! We’re number one!”
      Lulu: “As you can see, Chaplin takes his responsibilities very seriously …”


  1. Yikes indeed! Glad you didn’t hurt yourself those other ways.

    And SO happy you were able to get the paramedics to bring you to medical help…
    And for sure our minds do bizzarre things when they are being compromised in some way.

    I am glad you are willing to share this with us, so yes, that we too may be aware of what is not right if we get those kinds of symptoms. (Though they cvould be different, depending on where the bleed/rupture is.)

    And thank you God, for healing Lulu, Charlee and Chaplin’s Dada!


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