You Must Ask The Right Questions

Spicoli: “So what have you been up to lately, dude?”
Producer Smurf: “Why are you smurfing me that question? You smurf what I’ve been up to. You’ve been smurfing around Norway with me.”
Bugs Bunny: “Oh you know, doc, the usual. Humiliating Elmer Fudd, thwarting aliens, getting locked up. You?”
Spicoli: “Snacking.”
Chaplin: “I have a question for you, Troll Wizard.”
Troll Wizard: “Shoot.”


Bugs Bunny: “I’ve been snacking too, doc! I always keep a carrot on hand. Being me takes a lot of energy!”
Spicoli: “Your idea of snacking and my idea of snacking are a lot different, dude.”
Producer Smurf: “Who are you smurfing to, anyway? I’m down here.”
Chaplin: “How come you aren’t speaking Norwegian like the other trolls?”
Troll Wizard: “I, er, I learned to speak English while I was attending Troll Wizard School. It was an elective.”
Mouse: “Targets sighted. Are you ready, Kosmo?”
Kosmo: “I’m ready. Just get me into position.”

Producer Smurf: “Are you smurfing to somebody behind me? Hmm, nope, there’s no smurf behind me …”
Bugs Bunny: “Whoops! Hey, doc, where did you go?”
Spicoli: “Dude, do you seriously not know there’s a rabbit on your head?”
Chaplin: “Really? It so happens I’ve got the Troll Wizard School curriculum right here and I don’t see English listed as a course option.”
Troll Wizard: “Did I say Troll Wizard School? I meant Traffic School.”
Mouse: “Cats away!”


Kosmo: “As you can see, your ‘troll wizard’ is just a small blue man wearing a hat, a false beard, and Pippi Longstocking socks.”
Chaplin: “Hey, Kosmo.”
Kosmo: “Hello, Chaplin.”
Producer Smurf: “Papa Smurf?!”
Papa Smurf: “Well, this is awkward.”
Bugs Bunny: “What a revoltin’ development.”

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