Crosspost: The Event, Part 3

Lulu: “Our Dada has posted Part 3 of his series about his aneurysm over on his blog!”
Charlee: “Is this the post with the HBO words?”
Lulu: “This is the post with the HBO words.”
Chaplin: “I think there were HBO words a lot of the time all this was going on …”

As noted in previous installments, I spent a lot of time on Thursday and Friday being unconscious or semi-conscious, and I wasn’t enjoying it very much. When I had been passed out in the living room on Thursday, and for the next several days after that, every time I fell asleep, I experienced very unusual dreams.

via The Event, Part 3

10 thoughts on “Crosspost: The Event, Part 3

  1. My goodness, not only scary but we can only imagine how scary it was…for everyone. Tell your Dad that our Dad has unusual dreams too, almost always centered around whatever movie he falls asleep watching. It was pretty funny watching him when he fell asleep watching Jaws. We’re so glad you’re Dad is okay.


  2. My comment on your own blog got eaten up…here it is again:)

    You sure went through the proverbial wringer washer…but in the end you came out of the wringer OK.Better than the clothes my mom used to push through that thing, LOL!

    Having been a very sick peep, years ago, I kind of understand that things will not be the same ever again…but being alive and mostly well, is a good thing, and at least I can say, I am working again, and I can work circles around many of my younger co-workers!

    I think when you were dreaming empty dreams, your mind was unable to produce the spectacular dreams you were used to, and being empty was all that was left…you kind of knew in your subconsciousness that you were not really ‘there’…dreams can tell a lot about our current state of being. Or help you work through things as well.hope you are having more ‘normal’ dreams now…at least what you would call normal, LOL!

    Thanks again for telling us all these things:)
    Thanks be to God who has given you a new lease on life!


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