All’s Weird That Ends Weird

Producer Smurf: “I can’t believe you were the one smurfing all this mischief, Papa Smurf!”
Papa Smurf: “Well you know, it gets boring in the mushroom village sometimes. And I would have smurfed away with it if not for you meddling cats.”
Producer Smurf: “Why did you smurf most of your pranks on me? Is it because you smurf I have the best sense of humor?”
Papa Smurf: “Well not really, no.”

Papa Smurf: “Well I’d best be smurfing off before Gargamel smurfs I’m gone and does something irrational. Ta-ta!”
Bugs Bunny: “So long, Doc! Don’t be a stranger!”

Spicoli: “Well, at least that little Popeye cosplayer wizard dude put everything back the way it was before he started punking us.”
Producer Smurf: “I’m sure Papa Smurf just did this to smurf me some kind of life lesson. It was really quite smurfy of him to take such an interest.”
Lulu: “Good job bluffing that little guy with your fake wizard school curriculum, Chaplin. You trolled the troll.”
Chaplin: “Yeah, it’s never a good idea to try to out-troll a cat.”Spicoli: “Papa Smurf seems a little bit … Well, let’s just say I see where you get it from, dude.”
Producer Smuf: “Huh? Where I get what? What are you smurfing about?”
Lulu: “That was good timing. How did you and Kosmo know where to find us?”
Mouse: “Oh I have a tracking device and webcam in Spicoli’s glasses. We were watching the whole thing over at Kosmo’s house.”
Producer Smurf: “Spicoli, what do you mean? Where do I get what from? My hat? You’re talking about my hat, right?”
Spicoli: “Dude! You didn’t tell me you were spying on me!”
Mouse: “It’s not spying. It’s surveilling. Anyway I did tell you would be chaperoning them. What did you think I meant?”
Spicoli: “I just figured you send me because I’m the responsible one, dude.”

Spicoli: “Dudes, try not to fall all over each other agreeing with me on that.”
Kosmo: “So, um, who would like to come back to Finland with me? You can pick up the others and then all fly home on  your enchanted frisbee.”
Lulu: “Others? Who else is at your house?”

Meanwhile, in Finland …

Vermin: “HISSS! There’s not a single grub in this snack bar! Not one!”
Producer Smurf (via surveillance): “You mean while I was getting smurfed into vegetables an Chaplin was excavating troll ear wax, the rest of you were smurfing in front of a nice warm fire?!”
Mr. Nibbles: “Are you sorry you missed out on that adventure, Charlee?”
Charlee: “Not even a little bit.”

9 Comments on “All’s Weird That Ends Weird

  1. Sounds like the beginning of the end of another great adventure. We think we would have rather been at Kosmo’s with Charlee, too. XOX Xena and Lucy


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