Cross-Post: The Event, Part 4

Lulu: “Dada has posted the next installment of his series from when he was in the hospital.”
Chaplin: “Hey, look, Charlee, Substitute Charlee is back.”
Charlee: “There is no substitute for me!”

I was in the ICU for a total of nine days while they kept my blood pressure very tightly controlled and checked me daily for vasospasms. (They got a concerning doppler reading one time, so off I went with Substitute Charlee for another CT scan; it did show vasospasms were occurring, but I remained asymptomatic, and scanned clean the next day.) My cousins and a few friends continued to drop by to keep me company, which was nice, and I had a series of terrific ICU nurses to take care of me. After a few days in ICU they decided to take out my IV and put in a subclavian PICC line, so they could administer medications and draw blood without having to stick me all the time. That was a relief, although the process of getting it put in was far from fun. Once the PICC line was there I mostly forgot about it; funny what you can get used to when you have to, and when the alternative is multiple jabs with sharp pointy objects.

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5 thoughts on “Cross-Post: The Event, Part 4

  1. I am still stunned at how lucky you were—-are–still am. Here you are (after all that) bringing us up to speed on the terror, the healing process, and the amazing (thankfully so) knowledge of our medical world. YAY


  2. Oh, MY! Your humor is just what I needed today, after a crazy shift at the nursing facility where I work…and I loved your descriptive renderings of your stay in ICU.

    I shall have to remember the Grapevine moves, next time I help someone ambulate in the hallways, LOL!

    Thanks for sharing your story with all of us:)

    (Repeat of the comment on your personal blog…)


  3. Our Dad spend many moons working at hospitals and it sounds like your sense of humor and a great medical team made a big difference. We’re so glad all is okay but we do know how scared your wife had to be.


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