Cross-Post: The Event, Part 5

Lulu: “Dada has posted another entry in his series about his ruptured cerebral aneurysm in November.”
Chaplin: “This is Part 5, AKA ‘The One Where Dada Gets Discharged From The Hospital’.”
Charlee: “Ooh, that’s my favorite one.”
Lulu: “Mine too!”

Once I was well enough to leave ICU, the hospital transferred me to the “step-down unit”, also called Telemetry. (If you never heard of a unit called “Telemetry”, you’re not the only one.) I was moved by wheelchair on Saturday evening, schlepping most of my stuff—my blanket and pillow from home, the get well cards I had accumulated, the posters made by our friends’ daughter, pictures of the animals, and, of course, Substitute Charlee—on my lap. The rest of the stuff was transported in a bag by a courier, A.K.A. my wife.

via The Event, Part 5

7 thoughts on “Cross-Post: The Event, Part 5

  1. As copied from your cross-post:

    You sure have a way with words, and I enjoy reading your story! Though enjoy is likely not the best choice of words, Hah!

    Once again, you have shown us all the blessings you have experienced!

    Your furry gang sure was excited to have you back with them:)


  2. Our huMom googled the recipe for Syracuse Salt Potatoes (she would not even be allowed to print it out if her doctor knew…) Her only comment was – “It needs sour cream.””


  3. Oh, I missed all the previous posties abouts your Dada’s experience, so I made Ma got back and read me all of them, and boy-oh-boy , has your Pops been through the wringer! By far this is the bestest part! I am sooooooooo thrilled he is all betters and the FABulous dogtors and nurses and staff and your Moms were there to help him. Gives your Pops a super slobbery kiss from me Lulu! hehehee and some extra snuggles Charlee and Chaplan!
    Ruby ♥


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