Cross-Post: The Event, Part 6

Lulu: “Our Dada has posted the final installment of his series about what happened during and after his ruptured cerebral aneurysm.”

Although I had been discharged, that wasn’t the end of the recovery process. As previously noted, I had to stay on the nimodipine for another three weeks, which meant waking up every four hours to take two gigantic pills. I’ve never had so many alarms set on my phone in my life. (The tone I chose for these alarms was the “Barking Dog” sound, because that was the least jolting one I could find. After 20 years of having dogs around, you get used to all the barking.)

Charlee: “Hey what’s that about getting used to all the barking?”
Lulu: “I’m sure I have no idea.”

via The Event, Part 6

6 thoughts on “Cross-Post: The Event, Part 6

  1. Copied from your personal blog…

    Wow! You are so amazing indeed! We would love to have determined folks like you in the rehab area of our nursing facility, LOL!

    We know a young man who has some kind of blood vessel abnormality in his brain…and other areas…and while not an aneurysm, it did cause him to have bad seizures until it got diagnosed. His brother as the same thing in his nose, and he gets severe nosebleeds. Imagine if he had those in his head:(

    And yes, in my work, I have seen too many times the effects of aneurysms. Sadly enough. And known some peeps who were with us one moment and gone the next.

    I am so happy you were spared all that and now can relate your story to others. Maybe you should publish it or at least send copies to those who aided in your care and recovery.

    (I am a stage 3b ovarian cancer survivor (2006/7), and I tell many folks all about it, so they can learn a few things about how to be proactive, and how to maybe find something in their bodies before it becomes an issue. I gave a brief note to my oncologist so that others could read about it who would be in his new practice after he left our state for another…sigh…but I still see his partner every year.)


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