What’s In A (Nick) Name Now?

So since Lulu has been with us for nearly a year and has acquired a number of nicknames, it seems like a good time for a new entry in my series of nickname posts (see previous editions here and here).

Real name: Lulu


  • Coyote (this nickname was inadvertently bestowed on her by a vet tech who told her, “Well don’t you look like a coyote?” and it stuck)
  • Louie-Lou-Lou (not spelled “Louie-Lulu”, because that would be silly)
  • Lulu-Belle
  • Lulu-Belly (belly rubs being just about her favorite thing in the world)
  • Lulu-Belly-Belle (from the department of redundancy department)
  • L-Belle (not to be confused with any AC/DC songs)
  • Belly (see “Lulu-Belly”)
  • Mush-Bug
  • Zhu-Zhu or Du-Du or Bu-Bu or basically anything that rhymes with “Lulu” (which is a lot of stuff)

The nicknames there that are variations on her name are used almost exclusively by Dada, while “Mush-Bug” is mostly used by Mama. Lulu answers to just about any of them, but then, she answers pretty much any time she hears a human saying anything, because humans mean belly rubs, and possibly cardboard boxes that can be shredded.

Lulu also has a nonsense poem we (meaning I) like to sing-song to her, based on one of her nicknames: “Lulu-Belly-Kokopelli, you’re so cute and sweet like jelly!”

Dada is a silly person.

Real name: Chaplin


  • Kitty (of course)
  • Kitten A (typically pronounced “KEY-ten”, in some sort of fake accent)
  • Kit-Kat
  • Chappie
  • Chappie-Chap-Chap (exclusively used by Dada)
  • Mon Chappietan (exclusively used by Dada)
  • Chappaquiddick (exclusively used by Dada — I know, I know …)
  • Hipster
  • Dog (typically after he has stolen food out from under Mama’s nose)
  • Tucker-Cat (ditto)
  • Jerk or Jerk-Cat (typically after he’s been harassing his sister)

Believe me, that last nickname has been well-earned when we use it.

Real name: Charlee


  • Kitty (of course)
  • Kitten B (see previous pronunciation guide)
  • Kit-Kit
  • Charlee-Cakes
  • Hipster
  • Skunk
  • The Little Princess

As you can see, Charlee is currently has the fewest nicknames, but you don’t really need nicknames when you’re a princess, right? Besides, she doesn’t have any obnoxious behaviors that would cause her to get nicknames like some of Chaplin’s. It’s not easy being perfect, but somehow she manages it …

17 thoughts on “What’s In A (Nick) Name Now?

  1. Wow! A lot of names to remember! Our Fred is just Fred, Freddie or sweet boy.
    Eddie is Eddie, Mr. Ed (not the horse) Ed, Jerk, Jerk-face, Stupid, Little Creep & Dumb Cat.


  2. We like the anything that rhymes with LuLu nickname best. I, Xena, sm Xe or Xexe pronounced ZZ. Daddy calls me Little One.
    I Lucy, am Luce or Lucy Goosey or Beautiful Girl. (I like that last one best.)


  3. ROFWM!!! Oh Charlee beein nickymaned ‘skunk’…you poor cat!! Chaplin that Chappaquid…chappie quik…you know THE long name iss funny!!
    An Lulu yore nickynamess are cute…speshelly Lulu Belly!
    Mee has a few nickynamess too: Baby Girl; BellaBella; Baby Belle….nothin weerd…yet….
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma


  4. Wow that is a lot of nicknames! Foster has a couple: Fos, Foster Freeze (like the ice cream place) Bud, Buddy, and occasionally Boo-Boo Bear. Panda’s nickname is “Pand” and of course they both answer to “Dude!” 🐱🐼


  5. Hahaha not much difficulty there with “the naming of cats” – or dogs! We’ve usually had several alternate names too. “Stinkpot” has been popular for several cats, present and past.


  6. Lulu-Belle is such a sweet one, I really like that.

    I go for kitkat sometimes. Or a variation on any swear word that first comes to mind when addressing my cat. Mon Chappietan, a little French, oui? How very fancy!

    Will the next post be the nicknames these guys give their Mama & Dada behind their backs? 😉


  7. Oh, I loves this! Your nicknames are pawsome, and SO appropriate!!! I gots lots too….I thinks it’s a peep thing that they can’t just stick to one name. weirdos. BOL!
    Ruby ♥


  8. Now, of course, Pebble is a wee sweet puppy-dog.
    Miss Fidget (’cause she is) Pebble Webble (naturally) Pebbly Webbly (another natural) Alligator (as in ‘see you later’) Little Miss (’cause she’s just darn cute!
    Then there’s Beau. Puppy-dog extraordinaire.
    Beau Weau – Beau Boy – Beautiful – Hey Gorgeous – Alligator (for the same reason) Beautiful Beau & How’s my beautiful Beau!
    They both answer to any name intended for them. And, they know when that’s so regardless of where they are – in view, or hidden.
    Guess I should add – so darn smart…


  9. Those are cute and fun nick names!
    Pipo is Pipo-Beepo or Mr Peeps…MOL! (Cause they rhyme with his name which pronounced ‘Peepo’…)

    Dalton is cuckoo head, and Benji is crazypants…BOL, BOL!

    We had lots of nick names for Angels Minko and MJF…

    Somehow the more you love and the more ‘comfy’ you feel around your furry ones is how they get to have all those nicknames…at least that is my opinion:)


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