Mouse: “What are you looking at, Lulu?”
Lulu: “Oh it’s that app Dada has that says I look like I’m 61% Australian shepherd and 39% border collie.”

Mouse: “Everyone does agree that you’re probably part Aussie. You’ve got the fur and the blaze on your nose.”
Lulu: “But what about my accent?”
Mouse: “Accent? You haven’t got an accent.”
Lulu: “Right. But I probably should.”

Lulu (imitating a bad Australian accent): “Liyyke maybe I should talk liyyke this?”
Mouse: “Oh please don’t.”
Lulu (imitating a bad Australian accent): “Too right, cobber.”

Lulu: “Now, I saw that border collies come from Scotland …”
Mouse: “I’m already afraid of where this might be going.”


Lulu: “… so I made myself bagpipes from a stuffie honker and a recorder and this weird flute I found under Spicoli’s mat. Want to hear me play a song?”
Mouse: “This stay-at-home order can’t end soon enough.”
Spicoli: “Dude. Not cool.”

14 thoughts on “Dogcestry

  1. Lulu we think you are 100% American and are beautiful no matter where you come from. It would be interesting to get a DNA test to see for sure what you are made of. We had ours done and weren’t surprised by what we saw.


  2. Are you guys going to track down your blood line, maybe find some long lost relatives? You might inherit a small fortune. But definitely work on the accent, Lulu. Plenty of time to polish up on the Oz vocals during lockdown. There’s probably an app for that too! 😉


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