Concerts In The Park Yard






Charlee: “I hope the concert starts soon.”
Mouse: “You only say that because you don’t know what it’s going to be.”


Chaplin: “Why are you wearing those things?”
Spicoli: “It’s important to protect your hearing from loud music, dude.”

Soon …


Lulu: “Thanks for coming to the first in our coronavirus concert series. We’re hoping a little music will make everyone feel better.”
Charlee: “What’s Lulu holding? A jellyfish?”


Lulu: “Okay, Producer Smurf, are you ready? And a one and a two and a one two three four!”



Lulu: “That was our rendition of ‘Fiction (Dreams in Digital)‘.”
Vermin: “HISSS! Whooo! Encore! Encore!”
Chaplin: “Could I buy those earmuff things off you, Spicoli?”
Spicoli: “You can’t afford them, dude.”
Sky Turtle: “Can one of you mammals fetch a lever for me?”
Charlee: “That jellyfish sure is angry.”

14 thoughts on “Concerts In The Park Yard

  1. So I clicked on the link…first time I ever saw a song performed by a bunch of Disney animatronics robots…I’ll bet Lulu did it better.


  2. We’ve been waiting for your concert, Lulu. Unfortunately, the audience made us glad we didn’t have audio. Fortunately, we nominated you for the Liebster award. Hop on over to our blog to find out about it. (It’ll get you out of the concert, too.) XOX Xena and Lucy


  3. Lu, that was FABulous!!! I don;t thinks any pupper has played a ‘jellyfish’ so well! Ma says it’s even better than my whining….whatevers
    When’s the next show???
    Ruby ♥


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