Wordless Wednesday: Getting Baked


16 Comments on “Wordless Wednesday: Getting Baked

  1. We’ve had frost the past two mornings. Snow is forecast for Satueday!


  2. You look very content Miss Lulu. Could you send some of that warm sunshine east please? We’ve been breaking records for cold temps lately.


  3. Lucy: I love to sunbathe, too, Lu Lu. When I get too hot, I find a shady spot for a few minutes, then go back into the sun.
    Xena: I think you’re both crazy.


  4. Lookin guud there Lulu!! Iss too chilley to even sit out let alone ‘bake’ in THE sun…An “S” werd was used inn forecast!!! CATFISH!!!
    Enjoy yore Sunshine!
    **purrss** BellaDharma


  5. I saw the title and I thought you were joining the hop today of bread recipes 🙂


  6. Better gets that sunbathing in nows…it’s gonna be WAY too hot to do that for the next couple of days!
    Stay cool my furiend!
    Ruby ♥


  7. That seems like one gigantic ‘sun-puddle.’ On a day when the low was in the upper 30’s and only in the mid-50’s now, I’d rather be in favor of being a bit baked. Enjoy!


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