The Quorum Forum

Lulu: “All right, now that we have a quorum, let’s hear arguments for and against, then take a vote to decide if we want to try to get this economic assistance from Facebook so that we can buy new balloons for the turtle.”
Vermin: “HISSS! ‘Quorum’? Since when do we use fancy Latin words around here?”
Mouse: “Vote? You want us to vote? Has this become a democracy instead of you or the cats just going off and doing something crazy?”
Charlee: “I’ve never gone off and done something crazy. I’m the cautious one.”
Chaplin: “I’m contemplating doing something crazy right this second.”
Spicoli: “Yeah, dude, we can tell from your crazy eyes.”

Chaplin: “Look at me! I’m on television!”
Spicoli: “You’re on the television, dude. Not the same thing.”
Lulu: “Let’s all try to settle down and focus. Now, does anyone have any opinions on why we should try to get money from Facebook?”

Lulu: “Isn’t anybody going to say anything?”
Mysterious Intruder: “Facebook is totally trustworthy and you should definitely give them all your information about everything.”
Chaplin: “Get out of my recessed lighting hiding place, Zuckerberg.”
Mr. Nibbles: “Wow, Facebook really does track you everywhere.”
Spicoli: “Now I see two sets of crazy eyes.”

11 thoughts on “The Quorum Forum

  1. Uh oh, looks like you need a more secure meeting room with no electronics. Oh, and hey, that tablecloth? Mom has the same material that she has made dog scarves out of. XOX Lucy and Xena


  2. Um, did you guys do a mind-meld with Dennis before he crossed the bridge? Because because that whole Facebook money thing sounds like something Dennis would totally do (and sounds about as problem-free, too…). Chaplin, you are TOTALLY on tv! Lulu, Mom wants me to ask how you manage to stay sane when you are surrounded by crazies. I have no idea what she means….

    *kissey face*
    Lucy-Fur and Crazy Daisy (no crazies here!)


  3. Chaplin ON the television, that cracked me up 😂😂😂
    You never know who’s watching or what they’re doing with your information, there are crazy eyes everywhere! But, if you close your eyes and you can’t see them, then they can’t see you! I’m sure that works…


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