Wordless Wednesday: Down The Tube

Dada’s Note: Because of a glitch with the new WordPress editor (i.e., I apparently couldn’t tell the difference between a “More” block and a “Page Break” block), Sunday’s post was originally published as a two-page post where you had to click a very small “Next Page” link at the bottom to see the rest. That’s been fixed, so if you didn’t see the part where the turtle got his balloons back, click here to read the whole thing.


12 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Down The Tube

  1. Mew mew mew cute kitty inn a tube foto Charlee!!
    **purrss** BellaDharma

    Hey James if you want to still use Classic Editor here is the link to do that!


    Apparently WordPress wants to phase out Classic & only use Block & draw more business bloggers…we pet bloggers are no longer welcome….I am pretty upset as are many!! I can’t work out Block no matter how hard I try…So we have a choice til 2022 & then WP says no more Classic…we could all LOSE our blogs then…not happy!
    Sherri-Ellen 😦

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  2. You’re supposed to walk the tunnel, not sleep in it 😂 Kittkats can sleep just about anywhere, can’t they?

    It seems a lot of people are frustrated with the WP Block editor. I started using it when it first came out and although I was very reluctant at first and found it worse, you do get the hang of it after a while and I now find it better than classic editor. xx


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