Not The Thompson Twins


Charlee: “What are you looking at?”
Chaplin: “A couple of little tiny people hiding in the flowers in the side yard.”
Charlee: “What are they doing?”
Chaplin: “I think they’re singing.”


Charlee: “Are you sure they’re not birds? Because I like birds.”
Chaplin: “Not unless birds have started wearing little hats and kimonos.”
Charlee: “That wouldn’t be the strangest thing that ever happened around here.”
Chaplin: “Well, that’s certainly true.”
Mouse: “And a gross understatement!”


Chaplin: “Now they’re singing about summoning moths.”
Charlee: “Moths? Hot dog! I love moths too! Let’s invite them in!”

Soon …


Charlee: “You’re doing it wrong. That’s the moth guy from ‘The Tick’.”
Lulu: “What’s going on? Did you start a band and not tell me? I can get my stuffie bagpipes if you need musical accompaniment.”


Lulu: “Also, is it my imagination or is it getting kind of windy outside?”

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