The Moth Whisperers


Chaplin: “We didn’t start a band. We’re singing songs to summon moths.”
Lulu: “What, like pantry moths? You don’t have to summon those. They just show up. Usually Mama and Dada aren’t very happy about it, either.”
Charlee: “We don’t really care what kind of moths they are. We just like things that flutter around the house.”


Lulu: “You guys have all kinds of toys and things to climb on. Why do you need to bring moths into the house?”
Chaplin: “We don’t need to. We just want to. And our wants are much more important than our needs.”
Charlee: “Yes, toys and climbing are fun, but nothing beats chasing a fluttering thing all over the place.”


Lulu: “What do you plan to do with these moths if you catch them?”
Charlee: “Smack them around and flatten them with our paws.”
Chaplin: “And maybe eat them.”

Just then …


Charlee: “Hot dog, it’s the doorbell!”
Chaplin: “That must be the moths now!”

Momentarily …


Lulu: “I don’t think that moth is going to be fluttering around inside the house any time soon.”
Charlee: “We’re going to need bigger paws.”
Chaplin: “What are you talking about? I can totally take her.”


13 thoughts on “The Moth Whisperers

  1. {Snort} If it’s moths you want, come to Colorado. The miller moths are making their annual migration up to the mountains and driving everyone along the Front Range bonkers. Norman continues to learn the fine art of successful moth catching. 🤣


  2. Mew me wmew aren’t Mothss fun Charlee an Chaplin?? Lulu iss a kitty thing….jsut like you fetchin a ball iss a doggie thing!
    An let mee tell you there iss nothin tastier (xcept greeniess Treeetss) than a crunchy Moth fore a snax! 😉
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma
    Pee S: Lulu~~yes wee feeliness are a ‘bit’ crazy!


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