Rescue Moth

Charlee: “Do you still think you can smack that moth and then eat it, Chaplin?”
Chaplin: “It might be a little too big to smack and eat.”

Mr. Nibbles: “It’s a good thing friend Dennis isn’t here to see this. He would be freaking out.”
Lulu: “Dennis would be freaking out? I’m freaking out!”

Spicoli: “Dudes, you just need to chill. That’s Mothra. Mothra is a good dude. Whenever she shows up, it’s to solve all our worst problems.”
Lulu: “Really?”
Spicoli: “Oh yeah. When Godzilla gets into trouble, who does he call for help? Mothra! Those tiny little twin dudes are probably giving her a list of things that need to be fixed. Climate change, the coronavirus, Season 8 of ‘Game of Thrones’, you name it.”

Lulu: “Oh. Well that sounds all right.”
Spicoli: “For sure! I tell you what, don’t be worried that Dennis would have freaked out. Be worried that Trouble would have shot Mothra with her shrink ray and ruined everything.”
Chaplin: “Trouble had a shrink ray?”
Spicoli: “Oh yeah. She used it on Tucker once because he wanted to be small enough to fit in your Mama’s handbag. It’s probably still in her secret basement laboratory somewhere.”
Chaplin: “I see …”

Spicoli: “Just you wait, dudes. Once she’s ready, Mothra will flutter her wings and bam! Everything will be better.”

Just then …

Lulu: “Well, I guess this means Mothra isn’t going to save us after all.”
Mouse: “Nice going, Spicoli.”
Spicoli: “My bad.”
Chaplin: “That was totally worth it. *BURP*”
Mr. Nibbles: “Did he eat those two tiny people, too?”


19 thoughts on “Rescue Moth

  1. Ahahaha I thought that might be Mothra! We always tried to guide Mothra’s children out of the door, but our cats did got some of the smaller ones. Nothing so big as what Chaplin gulped though!


  2. Oh dude! I really thinks maybe you shouldn’t have crunched Mothra if she could save us from this friggin’ Corona virus! Wells, I guess it’s all up to the dogtors and their magical labs to make a vaccine.
    So…..did it taste like chicken??
    Ruby ♥


  3. The thing I’ve always admired in cats is how they see their goal and won’t be shifted from the path to achieving it. Shame about the consequences, though.


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