Casual Conversations

Lulu: “… so then after I dug a hole in the yard and scuffed it up so it was full of loose soil, I—”
Charlee: “You pooped in it and then covered it up with the loose soil, right?”

Lulu: “What? No, I rolled around in the dirt and then lay down in the hole for a while. Why would I poop in it and cover it up? That’s weird.”
Charlee: “Uhh, because it’s tidy. What do you do, just poop wherever and leave it?”

Lulu: “Yes.”
Charlee: “Ewwww, gross. You at least cover it up when you pee, right?”Lulu: “Why would I do that? If I covered it up then nobody who came along would know I own the yard.”
Charlee: “That’s the idea. You have to conceal your presence.”

Lulu: “But it’s my yard. I have to advertise. Otherwise any old dog could come along and think it’s their yard.”
Charlee: “There’s a fence for that.”

Lulu: “Pfft. Fence? What does the fence have to do with making it my yard?”
Charlee: “It keeps the other dogs out. You haven’t seen any in the yard, right?”


Lulu: “No, I haven’t. Which just proves that not covering up where I pee keeps them out.”
Charlee: “I don’t think that’s what it proves.”
Chaplin: “Does anybody want to eat this lizard I shrank? It’s a little spicy for me.”
Godzilla: “モスラはどこ?そして、私の尾を手放します!”*
Mouse: “That’s it, I’m bricking up the entrance to Trouble’s lab.”

* “Where’s Mothra? And let go of my tail!”


17 thoughts on “Casual Conversations

  1. Lucy: I’ll eat the lizard! Let it go and it will run down my throat.
    Xena: It’s GODZILLA for woofing out loud. You’ll explode if you eat him and then he goes back to his normal size!
    Lucy and Xena: DON’T EAT GODZILLA!!!


  2. You kitties sure have funny ideas about what to do with poop and pee. We pups are jealous of Lulu for being able to dig a hole in your yard to lay in. We would get in serious trouble for doing that here.


  3. I don’t know guys, Lulu has a point. It’s a tricky one. On the one paw you’ve got being tidy and polite, going undercover pooper, and on the other paw you’ve got showing all the other furry creatures that you owns the garden. The dilemma is nearly as clear to see as Lulu’s poop!


  4. Mew mew mew what a funny bloggie post Lul an Charlee an Chaplin!!
    Wee catss an doggiess are furry diffyrent aren’t wee???
    That’ss what makess beein frendss so much fun!
    Mee reelly ‘digss’ all of youss’, mew mew mew….
    **purrss** BellaDharma


  5. BOL….Really, poop covering is a “thing”? Kitties sure are interesting…and dangerous, very dangerous!


  6. Hey Lulu, we always stare at our mom after leaving her our brown prezzies. That’s our signal for her to pick it up. Then of course as soon as she tries to pick it up, we decide to race away. She ‘loves’ it when we do that. Give it a go, maybe your dad will say the same things to you.
    Your furiends,
    Norman & Elsa 🐾


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