Girls’ Club




Chaplin: “You guys look comfy. Can I join you?”
Lulu: “Sorry. You cannot be admitted to the club at this time.”
Chaplin: “Why not?”
Lulu: “Read the sign?”



Chaplin: “‘Riffraff’? Are you suggesting that I’m riffraff? Why?”
Charlee: “Because you like to jump on me and not let me up until I squawk.”
Chaplin: “That’s just good clean fun.”
Charlee: “Uh-huh. That’s exactly the sort of thing riffraff would say.”


Lulu: “And also because you like to sneak up on me and behave in a suspicious manner when I’m sleeping. Plus you steal my treats.”


Chaplin: “Supposing I just come past your velvet rope anyway? What then?”
Lulu: “Then I outweigh you by about 40 pounds.”
Chaplin: “Well that’s not fair, using your size advantage against me.”
Charlee: “Uh-huh. Say, Chaplin, are you bigger than me?”
Chaplin: “Yes, but what’s that got to do with …”


girls_club_7Chaplin: “Fine, I’ll come back later.”
Lulu: “Next time bring snacks.”
Charlee: “ZZzzzZZZzzz”

19 thoughts on “Girls’ Club

  1. A Princess Club? Can I join? I’m a warrior princess, so I could fight off Chaplin if he tries to intrude. And maybe we could make more signs, like “trespassers will be bitten!” Whatcha think? XOX Xena


  2. Ahahaha our girls’ ears perked up at this. They are outnumbered by their brothers and whenever we introduce them to Franklin, that’s yet another boycat!


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