Chaplin: “Do you have any snacks I could borrow?”
Mouse: “What do you mean, ‘borrow’? Snacks are really a one-way kind of item after you eat them.”
Chaplin: “They’re not for me. Charlee and Lulu are mad at me and won’t let me into their Princess Club unless I bring them snacks.”
Mouse: “I see. Well, leaving aside the fact that you are not exactly Princess Club material, yes, I have snacks. I’ve been collecting dried cranberries, stale granola, grains of rice, peanuts, peanut shells—”
Chaplin: “Yuck! That all sounds more like trash than like snacks.”
Mouse: “Well, I am a mouse.”



Chaplin: “Hey Producer Smurf, do you have any snacks I could share with Charlee and Lulu?”
Producer Smurf: “Oh I’m sorry. You seem to have smurfed me for a caterer. I am a producer. I am the one who smurfs the caterers.”
Chaplin: “Does your caterer have any snacks I could share with Charlee and Lulu?”
Producer Smurf: “Sure, just smurf me what you want. Leaves? Berries? Twig tea? Ooh, they smurf this salad with moss and lichen …”
Chaplin: “What have you done to your caterers to make them hate you?”


Chaplin: “Mr. Nibbles, I need snacks to bribe my way into Charlee and Lulu’s club. Can you help me out?”
Mr. Nibbles: “I would be happy to! Do they like timothy grass? Or wooden blocks to chew on? How about some bits of melon?”
Chaplin: “Well, Lulu might chew on the blocks, but I don’t think that counts as a snack …”


Chaplin: “Hey, Vermin, do you have any snacks I could bring to Charlee and Lulu so they’ll let me in their club?”
Vermin: “HISSS! Nasty cat! You mean the Princess Club? Why do you need snacks for it? They let me join without snacks.”
Chaplin: “Well, I … wait, they did what now? How come?”
Vermin: “HISSS! Well you know! We girl critters have to stick together. Anyway, yes, I have snacks. I can give you a nice cup of yummy ticks.”
Chaplin: “Ticks?! Ewww! Gross! That’s even worse than what the mouse, the smurf, and the guinea pig tried to give me.”
Vermin: “HISS! Beggars can’t be choosers! Besides, why are you even bothering asking all of us for snacks? You should be asking the stoner dog!”



Chaplin: “Actually, you may be on to something there …”
Vermin: “HISS! Of course I am! Stupid boy cat! No wonder they don’t want you in the Princess Club!”

Soon …

Chaplin: “Spicoli, can I have some snacks to bring to Charlee and Lulu?”
Spicoli: “Snacks? Sorry, dude, I don’t have any to spare.”

Meanwhile …


Charlee: “What are you doing? Are you working?”
Lulu: “Nah, just approving Princess Club membership requests from our friends who aren’t Chaplin.”


17 thoughts on “SnackQuest

  1. MOUSE!!! I LOVE MOUSE! Mouse for breakfast, mouse for snack, mouse for lunch, mouse for snack, mouse for dinner, mouse for bedtime SNACK! I LOVE MOUSE! Mindy Kit-Kat Brown


  2. Barmalei: Friend Chaplin, what do you want to do with a silly girl’s club? They probably giggle all the time. I keep my girls under control.
    Beba: Oh yeah? Frrrrr!
    Pyshka: Squeak on you, Uncle Barmalei!


  3. Chaplin, you are really having a tough time there. When all else fails here, we go to Dad. Maybe your Dada has some snacks to spare:)

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber


  4. Spicola where did you get all them Doe-reetoess??? You must have efurry flavourr!
    An pleese fore THE love of Sky Cat pleese let Chaplin innto THE Purrincess Club….
    Hee cuud bee a Purrince Purrincess….mew me wme w…
    **purrss** BellaDharma


  5. Wells, what can I say, I am a Princess too (at least that’s what Ma calls me), so I have to side with Lu and Charlee on this one…sorry pal. Maybe you needs a better snack contact! BOL!!
    Try some margaritas!!
    Ruby ♥


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