SnackQuest II: Snack Harder


Chaplin: “What do you mean you don’t have any snacks to spare? There’s a giant pile of them on the glider right next to you.”
Spicoli: “That’s just my morning supply, dude. They’ll be gone by like 10am.”


Chaplin: “10am is still the morning. What happens when your snacks run out then?”
Spicoli: “Then I get started on my mid-morning supply of snacks.”


Chaplin: “Well, can I have something from your mid-morning supply of snacks, then?”
Spicoli: “Dude! Are you insane? Those have to last me until I get into my lunch supply of snacks.”


Chaplin: “I see. And the lunch supply of snacks? How long do those have to last you?”
Spicoli: “Until I get into my mid-afternoon supply. Really, dude, how are you so unfamiliar with the recommended daily snacking guidelines?”


Chaplin: “I guess I don’t read the right nutritional suggestions. Whose guidelines are these, anyway?”
Spicoli: “The dude I get my snacks from. Hey, dude, I’ll take you to meet him. I’m sure he can give you some biscuits or whatever that you can take to Charlee and Lulu.”

Soon …


Chaplin: “I’m confused. You get your snacks from very industrious gophers?”

10 thoughts on “SnackQuest II: Snack Harder

  1. No wonder I thought Spicoli’s approach to food reminded me of Hobbits!
    I’ve lately become a convert to second and third breakfasts myself, though I don’t think I could face Doritos… How does Spicoli keep so svelte on that diet?


  2. Yep, they go fer this, then they go fer that!!!

    Hey, we don’t get midmorning or midafternoon snacks!!! And we don’t get lunch either!!! We are going to stage a protest!!!

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber


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