The Tale of the Trampoline

Well, hello, Lulu. What are you sitting on?

“Mama claims it’s a bed. But what kind of bed is made of stretchy material and is up on legs?”

Perhaps it’s not a bed at all. Perhaps it’s a trampoline.

“Why would Mama give me a trampoline?”

To put a little extra spring in your jumps, maybe? Rumor has it that you have a little trouble clearing the cement wall sometimes.

“I’m still a better jumper than you.”

True, true. But if the trampoline were positioned just right, you could use it to bound over that wall and take the squirrels completely by surprise. They would never know what hit them.

“Squirrels?! Where?!?!”

Sorry, I was just kidding. It’s not a trampoline and it won’t help you catch squirrels. It really is a bed on legs.

“Hmph. If you’re going to waste my time with such nonsense, you could at least give me a belly rub while you’re doing it.”

13 thoughts on “The Tale of the Trampoline

  1. Beds DO have legs, Lulu, at least the peeps’ beds do. It’s more like a cot. And not like you caught a squirrel, either. More like you catch a few good zzzzzzzzzzzz’s. XOX Lucy and Xxxxxena


  2. We have two of those coolaroo beds here and we love them. We never tried them out as a trampoline, but maybe they would help us reach that silly canary Piper up high on his pedestal.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber


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