Can You Describe The Ruckus?

Chaplin: “Hey Charlee, are there any birds outside?”
Charlee: “Yes, there are birds outside.”

Chaplin: “What are they doing? Can you describe them for me? Be very specific.”
Charlee: “Why don’t you just take that thing off your head and look at them yourself?”

Chaplin: “Because Mama smeared it inside with my favorite pouch food and there’s still a little bit I haven’t gotten. I’m hoping it will slide down into my mouth eventually.”
Charlee: “I see. Well, right now they’re gathered in the bird bath doing a formation swim like something from a Busby Berkeley musical.”

Charlee: “And now it looks like they’re doing the final routine from ‘Bring It On’.”

Charlee: “And now they’re all standing right in front of the window doing a high-kick line dance like the Rockettes.”

Chaplin: “If you’re just going to sit there making stuff up, I’m leaving.”
Charlee: “Suit yourself.”

Soon …

Bird: “Why did your brother leave? He didn’t like our performances?”
Charlee: “Well there’s just no pleasing some cats, I guess.”

15 thoughts on “Can You Describe The Ruckus?

  1. There is just no pleasin’ some kittehs, butts I guess sometimes the yumminess of the treaties takes over your soul! When are the burdies next performance? I might be able to make it down there in time….
    Ruby ♥


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