My Cousin Pepe

Skunk: “Got a container stuck on your head, huh? Tough break.”
Chaplin: “I already told you, it’s not stuck, there’s just a little bit of food still in it that I have gotten yet.”

Skunk: “You told me that? Sorry, I must have forgotten. Hey you know what, my cousin Pepe got a soup can stuck on his head once and a range had to rescue him.”
Chaplin: “It’s not stuck. I could take it off any time. And what are you talking about? We don’t have a cousin Pepe.”

Mr. Nibbles: “???”

Skunk: “Sure we do. He’s from France.”
Chaplin: “What? How did you find a cousin Pepe from France? Have you been on without telling me?”

Skunk: “Everybody knows cousin Pepe. He’s a notoriously smooth operator.”
Chaplin: “Well, I never heard of him. He doesn’t sound that smooth, getting his head stuck in a soup can.”
Skunk: “Says the skunk with his head in an ice cream cup.”
Chaplin: “Seriously, I could pop it off my head any time I wanted! And ‘Skunk’ is your nickname, not mine!”

Mr. Nibbles: “Should we tell him?”
Spicoli: “I’m not getting close enough to involve myself in that conversation, dude.”

Skunk: “Sounds like somebody needs to learn to accept who he is. Anyway, are we done here? I was busy foraging for grubs when you started bothering me.”
Chaplin: “Foraging for grubs? Why are you foraging for grubs? If you’re hungry, just come back inside and have some cat food.”

Skunk: “Yeah all right.”
Spicoli: “Uh-oh.”

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