Woodland Creatures

Producer Smurf: “So, fellow woodland creature, what smurfs you into the house for a visit?”
Skunk: “I was invited in for cat food. Also, you may. not be aware of this, but it’s not exactly a woodland around these parts.”
Chaplin: “Why are you calling Charlee a ‘woodland creature’? Cats are from the desert.”

Producer Smurf: “I’m not smurfing Charlee anything. I’m smurfing with your new friend.”
Chaplin: “I haven’t got a new friend.”
Producer Smurf: “Well that’s not very smurfy of you, smurfing your new friend under the smurf like that.”
Chaplin: “What?”

Producer Smurf: “I’m just smurfing, it’s not very smurfy to smurf a smurf into your smurf and then smurf the smurf isn’t really your smurf. It makes you smurf like a smurfing smurf.”

Chaplin: “You know, if every other word out of your mouth wasn’t ‘smurf’, the rest of us might actually understand what you’re saying once in a while.”
Producer Smurf: “‘Smurf’ is a highly multifunctional word, not unlike how some humans use the word—”
Charlee: “Did I hear someone calling me? Hey Chaplin, who’s your new friend?”
Chaplin: “Don’t you start with that, Charlee. Hey, wait …”
Skunk: “It sure is hard to eat a meal in peace around here.”

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