Happy Halloweens, Sad Halloweens

So this year, we have a Halloween that’s, to put it mildly, not going to be like any Halloween that any of us can recall. (If you remember the Halloween that occurred during the 1918 flu pandemic, then you may be some manner of cyborg. And you’re almost certainly not reading this blog.) Around here, during Dennis’s tenure, we stopped greeting trick-or-treaters at the door, because all the doorbell-ringing and apparitions loudly shouting “Trick or treat!” really freaked the poor boy out, even when he was in the back bedroom; instead, we would put out a box of candy on the front windowsill, and operate on the honor system, whereby nobody took the box and just dumped the entire thing into their bag. Most years that worked out fine. I have no idea what to expect in the way of trick-or-treaters this year, but we’ll be putting the box out again, and probably leaving it there until the sun has a chance to disinfect it the next day.

For us, though, Halloween is mainly associated with two things: Tucker’s birthday in 1998, and the day Dennis had to go to the Rainbow Bridge in 2018: Two events, exactly 20 years apart, that, for now at least, mark the bookends of our experience as vizsla owners. So this year I thought it would be nice to have a couple of little retrospectives of Tucker and Dennis to mark these two very different sorts of anniversaries.

Happy Halloween over the Rainbow Bridge, you guys. We hope you’re getting lots of treats.

25 thoughts on “Happy Halloweens, Sad Halloweens

  1. what a wealth of photos. I scanned through them then went back and looked at each one more closely. My favorite has to be the very first one of puppy Tucker. I’m sorry this day brings back one of the saddest days of your lives. I know how that is, just not on Halloween. May all our angels get their favorite treats today.


  2. I’m going to cry!😢 Such a sweet post, full of memories, some happy, some sad. Over here at our “whimsical world” we only “knew” Dennis for a short time, but we loved him too! ❤️


  3. Mee-yow wow it iss a happysad Halloweeny fore all of youss’ today. Wee bet Tucker an Trixie an Dennis are havin so much fun inn Purr Land an they have xtra treetss wee are sure!!
    **purrss** BellaDharma an ((huggiess)) LadyMew


  4. I was privileged to make the acquaintance of both boys. Dennis had velvet ears, and I was bowled over by Tucker. The Rainbow Bridge is better for having them.


  5. What a kind gesture, to put out sweets for the Trick or Treaters to save them making a racket. I’m a grumpy arse, so I would have put a poster on the front door that said “I’ve already eaten all the Halloween candy this year, sorry kids!”

    How poignant that Halloween is the day for birthday and loss, and an exact 20 years separates them. I loved looking through your photos. Thank you for sharing these with us. Beautiful. It must be equal parts heartwarming and heartbreaking for you. Sending lots of love my way to you guys. xx


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