The Dog Pet Name Challenge

So if you’ve been online lately in a venue that uses hashtags, you may have seen the #DogNameChallenge hashtag floating around. This is, basically, where you post a picture of your dog and a picture that is or represents your dog’s name. To which I thought, why should the dogs have all the fun?

Now obviously this is not going to present any sort of significant challenge to longtime “nice reederz”, as Dennis say; but depending on when you started reading, there may be one or two animals in this gallery that you haven’t seen before. And if not, well, you can still enjoy this little filmstrip full of rogues and mischief-makers and stalwart guardians of the perimeter, presented in the order in which they were adopted (which, in the case of those who are no longer with us, is also the order in which they departed).

Note: This pet is literally named after that character.
Note: These pets are literally named after that person.

For those who like answer keys with their puzzles, the names in question are:

  • Feathers
  • Pooh (usually with “Bear”)
  • Trouble
  • Tucker
  • Trixie
  • Dennis
  • Charlee & Chaplin
  • Lulu

12 thoughts on “The Dog Pet Name Challenge

  1. That was pretty cool. Mom started reading your blog timeline with Trixie/Dennis, but we helped her figure out the rest of the names. (Bet you’re up an hour early wanting breakfast today, Charlee and Chaplin!)


  2. Furabuluss bloggie post Lulu an Charlee an Chaplin!! Wee picked out Dennis inn a flash! OKay LadyMew did!
    Mistur James it iss kewl how efurryone iss named aftur sumone furamuss!!!
    Thanx fore stoppin bye mee bloggie…it seemed so long not beein online….
    **purrss** BellaDharma


  3. Oh, I loved this!! You guys had a sib that was a rat??! Oh dear! BOL!
    I was named after a character on the teevee show Supernatural….she was a smart arse demon! that’s right…a demon! okays, so she was a ‘good demon’, butts still! not cool Ma!
    Ruby ♥


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