Where in the World are Charlee and Chaplin?

Lulu: “Have you seen the Hipsters? We were watching television and they disappeared on me.”
Mouse: “Not lately, but they’re cats. They could be anywhere. Did you look on top of the fireplace?”
Lulu: “Yes.”
Mouse: “In the cat tree?”
Lulu: “Yes.”
Mouse: “Under the armoire?”
Lulu: “Yes.”
Mouse: “In the litter box?”
Lulu: “Why, what have you heard?”

Vermin: “HISS! No, I haven’t seen the Hipsters. It wasn’t my turn to watch them!”
Lulu: “You guys take turns watching the Hipsters?”
Vermin: “HISS! Let me rephrase that. It is never my turn to watch them. That’s your job.”
Lulu: “I’m not that much of a watchdog, to be honest.”
Vermin: “HISS! Clearly!”

Producer Smurf: “Lost track of the Hipsters, eh? Not smurfy, Lulu. They could never have smurfed out from under Trixie’s nose if she were still here.”
Mr. Nibbles: “Now, Producer Smurf, it isn’t fair to compare Lulu’s watchdog performance to Trixie’s watchdog performance.”
Lulu: “Thank you, Mr. Nibbles.”
Producer Smurf: “Am I wrong? Smurf me I’m wrong.”
Mr. Nibbles: “Well, no, you’re not wrong. It’s just not fair. You might as well compare Michael Jordan to a six-year-old with a Nerf basketball set.”
Lulu: “Yeah, it’s … hey wait.”

Spicoli: “Yeah, dude, I saw them. They were going to the races.”
Lulu: “The races?”
Spicoli: “Uh-huh. They had the Magic Flying Coaster and the GPS said it was plotting a route to NASCAR.”

Meanwhile …

Border Guard: “Yeah, we’ve got a couple of cats on a Magic Flying Coaster trying to cross into Mexico in the ‘Autos Only’ lane. Over.”
Supervisor (on radio): “Pull them aside for a search. The last time this happened the vehicle was loaded with contraband catnip. Over.”
GPS: “BING! I told you to fly over the ocean. Nobody ever listens to me.”

13 thoughts on “Where in the World are Charlee and Chaplin?

  1. Oh, we had mice in the house … Is there any advice for that?
    Don’t get me wrong. I love animals and back in Australia we had to deal with a whole bunch of poisonous stuff …. Berliner out of the gutter creatures are far from cute … Please, can you send me your kitties?


  2. We hear if you get fired from your job you can go on something called unemployment all day, LuLu and lay around on the couch watching old reruns of Lassie and eating stuff called bon bons. XOX Lucy and Xena


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