ICE Photographer: “We can’t see you.”
Charlee: “Sorry, just a second.”

ICE Photographer: “That’s better.”

Border Patrol Agent: “Okay, they’re ready for you in the interrogation room.”

ICE Interrogator: “So according to your file, you two have been detained on suspicion of smuggling catnip inside a Magic Flying Coaster.”
Charlee: “There’s been some mistake. That’s not our file.”
ICE Interrogator: “It’s not?”
Chaplin: “No, just look at the picture you’re holding. Those cats are like five foot eight inches according to the height chart. We’re not even a foot tall.”

ICE Interrogator: “Look at that, you’re right. Sorry to have bothered you.”

GPS: “BING! Please fly to highlighted route. Also, how did you get out of that? I was sure you were going to end up in the dungeon with Bugs Bunny.”
Chaplin: “You just need to know how to get humans to do your bidding. It’s something we cats are very good at.”
Charlee: “That’s why there’s a giant sketch of us in Peru.”

Meanwhile, somewhere in California …

NASCAR Driver: “Tuxedo cats on a flying circle? No, I can’t say as we’ve seen any of those around here.”
Spicoli: “Psst, dude, ask them if we can go for a ride in their car and stick our heads out the window.”

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