Travels with Charlee (and Chaplin)

Pit Crew Member: “Sorry, guys, I checked with all the NASCAR sites on the West Coast and nobody has seen a couple of tuxedo cats flying around on a giant disk.”
Lulu: “Thanks. Spicoli, are you sure the GPS said it was plotting a route to NASCAR?”
Spicoli: “That’s what it sounded like, dude. I mean, is there any other word that sounds like ‘NASCAR’?”
Pit Crew Member: “‘Mascara’ sounds a little bit like ‘NASCAR’.”

So then …

Lulu: “According to the Internet there are 159 of these places in California alone.”
Spicoli: “Man, this sure was easier when it was just Dennis we had to keep track of.”

Meanwhile …

GPS: “*BING* Now passing that island from Lost.”
Charlee: “How is the island from Lost in your map when nobody knows where it is?”
Chaplin: “Don’t get too close! They’ll try to steal our whale meat!”

GPS: “*BING* Approaching the Pacific Princess, on the right. Perhaps you’d like to go aboard—”
Charlee & Chaplin: “NO CRUISE SHIPS!!!”

GPS: “*BING* Now approaching a derelict ship infested with ghosts.”
Charlee: “Why do you keep taking us past stuff like this?”
GPS: “*BING* Because I’m set to ‘find roadside attractions’ mode.”
Chaplin: “You’ve got a funny idea about what constitutes a ‘roadside attraction’.”

GPS: “*BING* Now approaching another derelict ship infested with ghosts. I suppose you’re not interested in this one either.”
Chaplin: “Well, now, let’s not be hasty.”
Charlee: “That ship is nothing but a giant cat tree! I want it!”

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