Nice Segue

GPS: “*BING* Now passing fabulous Lima, Peru, on the left.”
Chaplin: “We can read.”

GPS: “*BING* Okay, but did you know that lima beans come from Peru?”
Chaplin: “Beans? Who cares about beans?”
Charlee: “Well hang on! Dried beans would be awfully fun to bat around!”

GPS: “*BING* Plotting a route to the local dried bean market.”

Soon …

GPS: “*BING* Now arriving at open-air market, on the right.”
Charlee: “We can keep going. It’s mostly fruit. That stuff will kill you.”
Chaplin: “Is that a camera crew down there?”
Giorgio A. Tsoukalos: “We’re stopping here for supplies before proceeding to the famous Nazca lines. Who drew those mysterious figures? I’m not saying it was aliens, but it was … Hey, why is everyone looking past me?”

Meanwhile …

Lulu: “That’s the last one, and still now Hipsters. Are you sure they said something that sounded like ‘NASCAR’ or ‘mascara’?”
Spicoli: “Pretty sure, dude. Maybe there’s another word that rhymes that we haven’t thought of.”
Paul Blart, Mall Cop: “What a sweet, sweet ride …”
TV Set: “And now, news of the weird …”

Spicoli: “Dude, I think that mall cop is stealing our car.”
Paul Blart, Mall Cop: “You can keep my Segway.”
TV Set: “A camera crew near the famous Nazca Lines in Peru today filmed what has been described as ‘small, cat-like aliens on a flying saucer harvesting whale meat to take back to their home planet’.”
Giorgio A. Tsoukalos: “See? I told you it was aliens!”

Spicoli: “Get back here, Blart! Nobody wants your stupid Segway!”
TV Set: “No word yet on an official response from the government of Peru or other nations.”
Lulu: “Spicoli, is it possible they said ‘Nazca’ … ?”
Spicoli: “Pfft. ‘Nazca’ doesn’t sound anything like ‘NASCAR’ unless you’re from like Boston, dude.”

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