It’s A Lulu Of A Birthday!

Today we’d like to wish a happy birthday to our Lulu girl! According to the paperwork from the shelter, her previous owners listed her birthday as 12/17/2015.

The birthday girl and friend

There was no birthday post or party for Lulu last year (because, uh, reasons), so we wanted to make sure she got one this year, as did her friends. But sometimes things don’t quite work out the way you plan …

Vermin: “HISS! I don’t think the dog that looks like Trixie or the stoner dog or the nasty cats are going to show up. Let’s just eat the cake ourselves!”
Mr. Nibbles: “The Magic Flying Coaster is gone. I bet they’re off on an adventure without us.”
Mouse: “‘Happy birthday Lola’? Who’s Lola?”
Ray Davies: “I met her in a club down in old Soho …”
Producer Smurf: “You ask Greedy Smurf to smurf a cake, you take what you get and be thankful he didn’t smurf it himself.”

Happy big oh-five, Lulu!

23 thoughts on “It’s A Lulu Of A Birthday!

  1. Lulu Lulu do woo love me
    Lulu Lulu do woo really khare
    Lulu Lulu are woo thinking of me
    Lulu Lulu will woo still be there

    FUR they say it’s your birthday!

    PAWTAY in KhaliFURniAY –

    Hope your day is special – may THE KHATS not do stuuupid khat things!

    NAK and NAL
    PeeEssWoo: The Human says an extra piece of khake for being the state that – well – your humans know!


  2. Wahoo Lulu!!! Have a Happy, Happy Birthday!!

    Hopefully you’ll catch up with those Hipster kitties and get back home in time for cake!


  3. Happy Birthday, Lulu!!! We are so happy you found your forever home AND we think there should be two cakes and extra treats to make up for last year too:)

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber


  4. Hate to point this out, but aren’t you, like, 2 days early? Is this a case of the future’s uncertain? Well, in case this is the only mention you get of your birthday, Lulu, we wish you a very happy one with plenty of cake that doesn’t get eaten up by others. XOX Lucy, Xena and Amy


    1. Mr. Nibbles: “Whoops, looks like we have a little bit of a scheduling error there.”
      Producer Smurf: “Don’t worry, we’ll fix it in post.”
      Vermin: “HISSS! Isn’t this already post?”
      Mouse: “Let’s just wait until it actually is 12/17 and just change the date on the post then. Maybe no one will notice.”
      Vermin: “HISSS! Too late!”

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