Would You Like To See My Vacation Photos?

Mr. Nibbles: “They’re very nice, friend Hipsters, but you may want to try to concentrate a little more on your composition.”
Chaplin: “You’re saying we needed to get more of ourselves in the pictures?”
Charlee: “It’s hard to concentrate on your composition when you haven’t got thumbs.”
Vermin: “HISSS! So who did draw that giant kitty geoglyph thousands of years ago?”
Lulu: “I guess it’s like that hobo who was there said. We’ll probably never know for sure.”

A few thousand years earlier …

Trixie: “Tell me again how the cat talked you into taking the Doghouse of Justice thousands of years back in time so she could vandalize a random hillside in what’s going to become Peru?”
Trouble: “I’m not vandalizing it, it’s a self-portrait.”
Tucker: “Hey I see another hillside a few miles away! Do one over there of me sitting on Mama’s lap!”
Dennis: “Well once she explained to me how she’s Banksy, I realized, you know, who am I to stand in the way of her art?”
Trixie: “Trouble is not Banksy!”
Trouble: “Relax, Trixie. All Dennis has to do is not write about this on his stupid blog, and no one will ever find out it was us. Purr purr purr.”

12 thoughts on “Would You Like To See My Vacation Photos?

  1. Sadly because Covid I can’t Travel anymore for my blog that I just started. Feels really sad that I have to wait before planning a new travel journey 😦


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