Fair Trade

Mama: “Lulu, did you steal this plastic drain cleaner?”
Lulu: “The what now?”

Mama: “This plastic drain cleaner right here.”
Lulu: “Never seen it before in my life. Maybe it was one of the cats.”
Mama: “Really? Let’s go to the tape.”

Lulu: “Oh, THAT plastic drain cleaner.”
Mama: “Well, I’m glad you brought it to me instead of chewing it up and swallowing it.”

Later …

Chaplin: “Tough break about Mama taking that drain cleaner away before you could chew it up properly.”
Lulu: “Well she gave me a fish skin in trade for it so it worked out pretty well, actually.”

Soon …

Sign: Got stolen goods to get rid of? Bring them here! You get 20% of the value of your item, risk-free. Just ring bell and ask for Chaplin.

16 thoughts on “Fair Trade

  1. That was the best of both…mom got her evil drain cleaner back….cause I don’t think you would want to suffer the consequences of chewing *that* up…and a fish skin?? Wow, we need to have a chat with petcretary! You know, last night *she* was using our long plastic drain cleaner in our tub and sink…was there ESP at work??

    Chaplin, you are very perceptive and clever!


  2. Well, Lulu – you played that well – who wouldn’t trade a piece of plastic for a tasty fish chew!!! Chaplin, we think there is a bit of Dennis in you:)

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber


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