Lulu’s Life Tips: Humans Aren’t Very Good At Communication

Hello friendlies! Lulu here with another life tip! This time I would like to remind you that although humans can say lots of words, they’re not very good at communication, and sometimes they ask a lot of silly questions. You just have to be patient with them and keep asking for what you want. Here’s an example:

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Spicoli: “Yo, mousie dude, any luck locating Chaplin’s microchip yet?”
Mouse: “Not yet. I just uploaded the worm and it’s starting to search for other computers and IoT devices to infect and use to search for Chaplin.”
Vermin: “HISS! Now we have to walk on nasty wood chips?! I didn’t sign up for this!”
Mr. Nibbles: “But it’s such a nice day. And aren’t the trees pretty?”
Producer Smurf: “Boooooring.”

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Search Pawty

Lulu: “Where’s Charlee?”
Mr. Nibbles: “Apparently she was serious about catching up on nap time while her brother is away.”
Lulu: “Fair enough. What about the mouse?”
Spicoli: “He’s rigging up a computer worm to take over all the networks in the area and track Chaplin’s microchip.”

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Lulu’s Life Tips: Don’t Believe Everything You See (But Do Believe Everything You Smell) On The Internet

Chaplin: “What do you mean, ‘Believe everything you smell on the Internet’? The Internet doesn’t have a smell.”
Lulu: “Well maybe not now, but I’m sure some smart human could come up with a device that could synthesize an appropriate odor for every web site a person visits.”
Charlee: “That sounds like it would be mostly horrible.”
Lulu: “Probably good for rolling in, though!”

Hello friendlies! Lulu here! So the other day, while Dada was outside reading his magic tablet full of books, I climbed up on my trampoline bed in front of him and sat down and looked cute, as, I’m told, I usually do, so Dada put down the magic tablet and took a couple of pictures:

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Handsome Ransom

Charlee: “It seems like the thing to do will be to go to the ninja hedgehog lair and ask them to give Chaplin back.”
Spicoli: “What makes you think the hedgehogs will give him back instead of keeping him as a hostage, dude?”
Charlee: “Haven’t you ever heard of ‘The Ransom of Red Chief‘?”

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Overheard Around the Conference Room

Mouse: “So Chaplin left you to watch his ill-gotten loot.”
Lulu: “Yes.”

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