Lulu’s Lyrics: Smelly Something (Roll Around In It)

Lulu: “Hello friendlies! Lulu here! Since, as you may have noticed, we are back on a daily posting schedule for now, Dada said I could take Sunday to post a little something.”
Chaplin: “How come you get Sunday instead of us? We were here before you.”
Lulu: “You already have Caturday Matinee.”
Chaplin: “But sometimes you crash our Caturday Matinee and call it Dogurday Matinee.”
Lulu: “And here you are crashing my very first Sunday post. See how that works?”
Chaplin: “I guess …”

Lulu: “Good. Now that we have that straightened out, maybe I can get back to what I was doing.”
Chaplin: “Carry on.”
Lulu: “*AHEM* Hello friendlies! Lulu here! Today I would like to present some alternate lyrics for a song that was very popular way before I was born. First, let’s have a listen to the original version.”

Lulu: “And now here are my new lyrics for a version I call ‘Smelly Something (Roll Around In It)’. These are lyrics my Mama suggested I should write, although they are in no way autobiographical.”
Chaplin: “That’s not what I heard.”

Smelly Something (Roll Around In It)

Found a smelly something, found a smelly something
Found a smelly something, found a smelly something
Found a smelly something, found a smelly something
All you lucky puppies

Now if you’re walking
Out in the yard, or at the park,
And you come across something
That smells so bad that it smells most excellent
You’d best act fast before your human sees

Creep up on it, sniff around it,
You have to be discreet about it,
And when your human looks away,
You make your move on it

Cause if it smells bad then you better roll around in it,
And if it’s squishy even better! Roll around in it,
Human might get upset but it’s so worth it,
So if it’s squishy and it’s stinky roll around in it
Just don’t eat it or you might get sick.

Charlee: “Those were some truly horrifying lyrics, Lulu.”
Lulu: “Says somebody who eats bugs.”

13 thoughts on “Lulu’s Lyrics: Smelly Something (Roll Around In It)

  1. Angel MJF loved to find a nice fresh pile of deer poop when we were on our backroad country walk….and even better was finding a nice pungent carcass along the side of the road, hidden in some tall grass so he could dive into it before *she* saw it…BOL!! Many a stroll aborted by the stinky mess he would become…once he even had a cloud of flies all around and on him….UGH!

    We have to subsist on birdie droppings…or a dead one if one dies and falls in our yard, or the leftovers of a hawks dinner…eeuuwww! (The prize was a dead squirrel!)


  2. Hahahahahahaha! Oh Lulu, that was great lyric writing, suggested by your Mama! Reminds me of an old ‘Far Side’ (Gary Larson) cartoon – boy dog shows up with flowers for his date. She is standing in the open doorway and he says, “Oh Ginger — you look absolutely stunning…and whatever you rolled in sure does stink.”

    Happy New Year to you, Lulu, Charlee and Chaplin, Mama and Dada!

    Lindy (mrsbearfoot)


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