(Not) Taking Care of Business

Lulu: “So how’s it going with the trading stolen goods to Mama for fish skins?”
Chaplin: “Going great, thanks.”

Lulu: “Really? Because it looks like the only stuff you’ve traded so far is what Spicoli and the smurf took, and they didn’t even give you anything for it. And now you and Charlee are just snoozing on the piles of clothes.”
Chaplin: “Yeah, like I said, it’s going great.”
Charlee: “You can’t go wrong with snoozing.”

Lulu: “So not only are you not stealing the goods yourself, you’re not even trading them in for treats?”
Chaplin: “I will. I just decided to take a nap first.”
Charlee: “You can’t go wrong with taking a nap.”

Lulu: “What are you planning to do if the people who actually stole this stuff show up and ask for their 20% of the treats you don’t have?”
Chaplin: “I guess I’ll write them an IOU or something.”
Charlee: Wait, what? These clothes were stolen and brought in by people who don’t live here? Have they been tested for cooties? Who are they?”

Meanwhile …

Norman #1: “Got another load of stolen stuff for the cat to fence, eh, Norman?”
Norman #2: “Sure do, Norman!”
Norman #3: “Are you sure we couldn’t do better just trading all this swag for mealworms on our own?”
Norman #2: “No, this is lots better. The cat takes all the risk fencing our loot to get the mealworms, gives us 20% of them, then we raid him and take the other 80% anyway. It can’t miss!”
Norman #1: “What if the cat does something stupid, like trading the stuff for money?”
Norman #2: “Why would he do that?”
Ninja Hedgehog Commander: “You guys have to see this epic fail live-stream of a stupid smurf trying to give Smurfette inappopriate gifts!”
Producer Smurf (live-streaming): “Ahhh! Help! She’s smurfing after me with an axe!”

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