Who Watches the Watchdog?

Norman #1: “Nobody move, this is a ninja hedgehog raid!”
Norman #2: “We have water pistols and we’re not afraid to … Hey, where’d the cat go?”
Lulu: “You mean Chaplin? He had to use the facilities. He asked me to watch his stuff while he was gone.”

Norman #1: “Did he, uh, did he say when he would be back?”
Lulu: “No, but he’s been gone for a couple of hours now so he probably fell asleep somewhere.”
Norman #2: “Well we’re going to raid whether the cat is here or not! Hand over the loot or face our squirt guns!”
Lulu: “My coat is an inch thick and water-repellent so fire away.”

Norman #1: “So it’s a standoff then.”
Lulu: “Well, or you could just take all the stuff in exchange for giving me a belly rub. Chaplin’s never going to actually sell any of it.”

Norman #1: “Yeah all right.”

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