The Norman Conquest

Norman #1: “I sure hope Norman doesn’t find out about this, Norman.”
Norman #2: “I won’t tell if you don’t, Norman.”
Lulu: “Listen, while you’re at it, I could use a good bristle brushing, too.”
Norman #2: “We’re ninja hedgehogs, not hairdressers. We don’t carry bristle brushes around.”
Lulu: “Well I have an idea about that …”

Later …

Ninja Hedgehog Commander: “You’re back! Did you get the loot this time?”
Norman #1: “Uh-huh. It’s in a wheelbarrow out front.”
Ninja Hedgehog Commander: “Great! But why do you have tufts of fur stuck all over your spines?”
Norman #1: “We, uh, we had to fight the fluffy dog in hand to hand combat. Right, Norman?”
Norman #2: “Oh yeah, it was real top notch ninja stuff.”

Soon …

Ninja Hedgehog Commander: “I would like to announce that the fluffy dog has finally been defeated by Norman and Norman!”
Norman #1: “Norman, should we tell him it’s not the same fluffy dog as before?”
Norman #2: “And lose our medals? No way, Norman!”

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