Overheard Around the Conference Room

Mouse: “So Chaplin left you to watch his ill-gotten loot.”
Lulu: “Yes.”

Mouse: “And as far as you knew he never came back.”
Lulu: “Yes.”

Mouse: “But actually he snuck back in and went to sleep in the clothes.”
Lulu: “Yes.”

Mouse: “Which you then traded back to the ninja hedgehogs in exchange for a belly rub.”
Lulu: “Yes.”

Lulu: “And a brushing! Don’t forget the brushing!”
Spicoli: “Way to put the ‘dog’ in ‘watchdog’, dude.”
Charlee: “Does this mean I can take naps now without Chaplin pouncing on me?”
Mouse: “Well, I suppose we have to organize a rescue mission …”
Producer Smurf: “A rescue mission sounds smurfy. I call dibs on the film rights!”
Vermin: “HISS! Or we could just wait to see if they send us a list of demands. If they want a ransom in mealworms, I volunteer to deliver it, because Chaplin just means that much to me.”
Mr. Nibbles: “Poor Chaplin! Who knows how the ninja hedgehogs might be terrorizing him!”

Meanwhile …

Wheelbarrow: “ZzzZzz …”
Ninja Hedgehog Commander: “Okay, hit it.”

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