Handsome Ransom

Charlee: “It seems like the thing to do will be to go to the ninja hedgehog lair and ask them to give Chaplin back.”
Spicoli: “What makes you think the hedgehogs will give him back instead of keeping him as a hostage, dude?”
Charlee: “Haven’t you ever heard of ‘The Ransom of Red Chief‘?”

Soon …

Lulu: “So your contention is that Chaplin will be so annoying that the ninja hedgehogs will pay us to take him back?”
Charlee: “Pretty much, yes.”
Lulu: “Well, I guess that’s a form of ‘trade’ …”
Producer Smurf: “Where did you smurf a copy of ‘The Saturday Evening Post’ from 1906?”
Charlee: “I’m a cat. I have my ways.”

Lulu: “All right, I guess that’s settled. Members of the Chaplin Recovery Team will meet out front and we’ll head to the ninja hedgehog lair to collect our ransom to take Chaplin back.”
Mouse: “There is a complication: The only one who ever went to the ninja hedgehog lair is Dennis, and he didn’t tell us where it is. But I have a plan to deal with that.”
Vermin: “HISS! This is a bad plan! You should definitely collect a large mealworm ransom and let me deliver it to the ninja hedgehogs.”
Spicoli: “Dude, we all know you just want to eat the mealworm ransom yourself.”

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