Lulu’s Life Tips: Don’t Believe Everything You See (But Do Believe Everything You Smell) On The Internet

Chaplin: “What do you mean, ‘Believe everything you smell on the Internet’? The Internet doesn’t have a smell.”
Lulu: “Well maybe not now, but I’m sure some smart human could come up with a device that could synthesize an appropriate odor for every web site a person visits.”
Charlee: “That sounds like it would be mostly horrible.”
Lulu: “Probably good for rolling in, though!”

Hello friendlies! Lulu here! So the other day, while Dada was outside reading his magic tablet full of books, I climbed up on my trampoline bed in front of him and sat down and looked cute, as, I’m told, I usually do, so Dada put down the magic tablet and took a couple of pictures:

Dada liked the picture on the left because could see my one white Michael Jackson-style glove, but he thought my face was a little blurry. And he liked my face in the picture on the right, but, of course, you can’t see my glove. So Dada decided to take my head from the second picture and put it on my body in the first picture.

Charlee: “Wasn’t that painful?”
Lulu: “I didn’t feel a thing!”

And while he was at it, he also removed the leaf that I brought up with me and positioned so carefully on the fabric. Here’s the final result:

Want to see all three of them together? Here’s a nice triptych for you:

So just remember, friendlies: What you see is not always what you get. Or something like that.

Chaplin: “Hmmph. Next you’ll be saying the three of us aren’t really here on the settee together.”
Lulu: “Now, now, of course we are.”

13 thoughts on “Lulu’s Life Tips: Don’t Believe Everything You See (But Do Believe Everything You Smell) On The Internet

  1. You look great in both pictures but your dad did a perfect job making you look the way he wanted in the final picture. We totally believe that you three are sitting together on the settee. BOL!


  2. Oh MY!! A head transplant! Can you do that for real for Dalton?? We call him Cuckoo Head a lot of the time…Benji is called Crazy Pants a lot, but you didn’t say you were skilled at that kind of thing…BOL!!!

    And um…well, about the last image…um…well nev-fur mind! Something just seemed a bit off odor there…


  3. Oh, your Dada’s got mad SKILLS! And I am glads it wasn’t painful….😂
    It would be FABulous if we could roll in the stink of the interwebs!! wells….on second thought….🤮
    Ruby ♥


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