Observed Around the Secret Ninja Hedgehog Lair

Norman #1: “I’m starting to think there’s just a tape recorder in there, Norman.”
Norman #2: “Maybe we should just dump it over.”
Ninja Hedgehog Commander: “No, that’s too risky, Norman. You may have beaten the fluffy dog in paw-to-paw combat, but she might have booby-trapped the wheelbarrow.”

Just then …

Norman #3: “Run for your lives! The fluffy dog is coming! And she brought air support!”

Producer Smurf: “Aaaaiiiieeee!”

Ninja Hedgehog Commander: “So, Trixie, you’ve finally found our lair. You may have defeated the guards out front, but Norman and Norman already bested you once, and they stand ready to—”
Lulu: “Oh I hear I look a lot like her but I’m not Trixie, I’m Lulu. You must be the Ninja Hedgehog Commander? The Normans told me all about you while they were giving me belly rubs and brushing my fur with their spines.”

Lulu: “Anyway, listen, I know I said you could take your loot back in exchange for the belly rubs, but apparently Chaplin was napping in it and you accidentally took him too, so we’d just like him back and then we’ll get out of your spines.”

Lulu: “I’ll just open this can of cat food, and …”

Chaplin: “Did I hear someone open a can?”

Chaplin: “I had the weirdest dream, Lulu. I was a lighthouse keeper and the foghorn kept going off and I couldn’t stop it.”

Norman #1: “How did the fluffy dog open a can of cat food when she doesn’t have thumbs?”
Norman #2: “Beats me, Norman. Doesn’t seem very plausible.”
Ninja Hedgehog Commander: “You two are both on mealworm vat duty until further notice. And give me back your medals.”
Vermin: “HISS! Mealworm vat duty? Yes, sir! Right away, sir!”
Producer Smurf: “Well? Isn’t somebody going to smurf me a lifesaver or something?”
Spicoli: “Sorry, dude, I only have Tic-Tacs.”

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