Charlee: “Are you still working on that worm to hijack all the local computers to find Chaplin’s microchip?”
Mouse: “It’s finally finished. I just activated its tracing function so within a few minutes it should give us his location.”

Charlee: “How will we know when it has locked on to him?”
Mouse: “It’ll display a map with a flashing dot on it. And also it will play dramatic music.”

Charlee: “Dramatic music?”
Mouse: “Uh-huh. Specifically, the theme from ‘Spy Hunter’“.

Spicoli: “Dude, the theme from ‘Spy Hunter’ is the Peter Gunn theme.”
Mouse: “People who spent a lot of time in arcades in the 80s would tell you it’s the other way around.”
Charlee: “What are you doing back here, Spicoli? I thought you were helping Lulu look for Chaplin while I took a nap.”
MacBook: (Begins playing theme from “Spy Hunter”)
Chaplin (pouncing on Charlee): “Cowabunga!”

13 thoughts on “Mouseworm

  1. He, he, that’s funny. Angel Lexi did a cawabunga dude from the couch onto Angel Pipers head one (before they were angels) because he wouldn’t give her back her toy. He just backed out of it and kept squeeking the toy. XOX Xena and Lucy


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