In The News

Veronica Corningstone: “… In other news, local cyber authorities are still investigating the source of a mysterious computer worm that recently spread throughout the region’s systems.”
Charlee: “Hey, Mouse, check it out, they’re talking about you on the news.”
Mouse: “It’s not necessarily my worm they’re talking about. There have been lots of high-profile security breaches lately.”

Ron Burgundy: “Among other symptoms, IoT devices infected by the worm—including Roombas, animatronic toys for children, and Tesla automobiles—were reported to spin around uncontrollably.”
Lulu: “That sounds just like what happened to Producer Smurf’s camera drone when your worm infected it.”
Mouse: “There are lots of other worms that could make devices do that. Stuxnet made centrifuges spin so out of control that they destroyed themselves.”

Veronica Corningstone: “We go now to actual helicopter footage of a Tesla that was infected with the worm as it drove down a local freeway.”

Ron Burgundy: “The driver of the Tesla, who was unhurt, stated that he had engaged the automatic driving system and then started preparing a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.”
Veronica Corningstone: “Anyone with information about the origin of the worm is encouraged to contact cyber authorities as soon as possible.”
Mouse: “Okay, maybe that was my worm.”
Chaplin: “When you get to prison, tell Bugs Bunny we said hello.”

13 thoughts on “In The News

  1. Are those reporters real or are they part of a video game? And how could a worm make a car lose control, anyhow? We know someone who almost lost control of his car when a snake got in it. XOX Lucy and Xena


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