Meet the Squeekles

Narrator: “And so John, Paul, George, and Ringo were forced to strike out on their own in search of a new warren, where they could play their gigs the way they wanted to play, thus beginning the meteoric rise of their band, The Squeekles.”
Chaplin: “I had no idea meerkat musical politics were so involved.”

Neo: “Cats. Dog. Where’s the mouse? I have to tell him something.”
Lulu: “Not sure. After he hung up with you he before, he wandered off muttering something about hiring Elbonians.”
Charlee: “We’ve got names, you know.”
Neo: “Sorry. I just assumed you all went by your species, since that’s what your leader does.”
Chaplin: “You think the mouse is our leader?”
Neo: “Don’t you?”

Chaplin: “Yeah, well, he’s still tiny.”
Lulu: “Do you want us to give him a message?”
Neo: “Just let him know that I may have accidentally exposed all my contacts and their locations to the cyber authorities.”
Charlee: “Is this because you went to another one of those rave things?”
Neo: “Sorry, gotta go, hunter-killer robot sentinels attacking, you know how it is.”

Cyberman: “Cats. Dog. Remain in your living room. An agent of the cyber authority will be arriving momentarily to apprehend you.”
Charlee: “WE HAVE NAMES!”

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