Cyber-Enabled Doorbell

Charlee: “I guess that must be the cyber authorities. What should we do? Should we find the mouse?”
Chaplin: “We don’t need the mouse. We can handle this on our own. Lulu, go bark at them and scare them away.”
Charlee: “Do you really think this is an appropriate time to be making jokes, Chaplin?”

Chaplin: “Lulu is capable of barking. I’ve heard her in the backyard barking at the coyotes.”
Charlee: “You don’t speak dog. She’s probably inviting the coyotes to come and play with her.”
Lulu: “I’m standing right here you know.”
Charlee: “All right. So are you inviting the coyotes to come and play with you?”
Lulu: “Only the cute ones.”

Chaplin: “Well we have to do something. Maybe we can have Vermin go and hiss at them.”
Charlee: “Vermin’s shift at the mealworm vats isn’t over until ten.”
Chaplin: “What about Spicoli?”
Charlee: “The only thing they have to worry about with Spicoli is if they have nachos they don’t want to share.”
Spicoli: “Dude! Harsh! But accurate.”
Chaplin: “Producer Smurf?”
Charlee: “What’s Producer Smurf going to do? Annoy them to death?”
Chaplin: “Quite possibly.”

Mr. Nibbles: “You know, I couldn’t help but overhear this conversation, and I just want to say that none of us has to handle this on our own. It’s when we come together as a group and exercise our own special talents that we overcome challenges like ninja hedgehogs or pyromaniac Cersei Lannisters or people who won’t stop ringing the doorbell.”

Lulu: “All right, I guess I’ll go try barking at them …”
Chaplin: “Yeah, no offense, Mr. Nibbles, but that’s exactly why you were the only one I didn’t suggest sending to the door to get rid of the cyber authorities.”

12 thoughts on “Cyber-Enabled Doorbell

  1. I would stand at the door and bark and Riley would stand there and look big and scary. And Lucy would invite them in. Come to think of it, so would Riley. Dang, do I have to do everything around here? XOX Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess


  2. Cinnamon barks…if someone comes up the block, if a deer is in the yard, if someone knocks on furniture, if the cats hiss, if a bird flies to close to the window and if the cat from across the street jumps on the car…Lu Lu, go for the BARK!!!!Charlie, Chaplin head UTB and everyone else, freeze!


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